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September 24 2009

What's Up!

Much homage paid to ya for stopping by and checking out my website. My name is Deigha pronounced D-AH like the elementary grade school spanish vocab. word dia'  meaning day. Yeah I know it's oh so original right. I believe it is appropriate to clarify that pronunciation for you guys and just to let you in on a little secret, EVERY one almost says it wrong but it's kinda cool to have a reason to engage in mediocre conversation sometimes. The origin of my name isn't  a mixture between a random under sink household ingredient and average western culture titles thanks. I created this site mainly to showcase my graphic design pieces as well as post a couple of inspirational and snappy works that I pretty much dig. 

I recently graduated from Pellissippi State out in TN and I achieved an Associate's degree in Graphic Design and computer technologies. I am currently attending USC Upstate seeking a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I am so ready to get out into the field and actually design for a firm. I do freelance work around the SC area if interested. You can learn a little more about me around the yep you guessed it, "about me" section on this site. Be sure to check out my portfolio because that is kinda the reason I created this site. A little bold face critic never hurt any one.

Enjoy the site if you will, now let us elevate and educate ourselves on this art stuff as many of you not into design may think but, It is just a intriguing visual conversation really.

September 25 2009


I really dig  these pieces by Shepard Fairy. His art work always deliver strong and bold messages of political inclinations and human faults. His style is so unique and clean. I see some Warhol on the first one, a little sarcasm on the second, and a nice retro 70's approach on the last. Fairy is probably one of my all time favorite artist. If I had a choice, I would want to design for a firm communicating on a humanitarian/ political informative level.

October 22, 2009

Jonas Bergstrand is a sick illustrator. The Swedish designer has a really unique illustrating style that emphasizes texture and color. I dig his work and the old school illustration method he modernizes a bit. Below are a few of his pieces that caught my attention anyway.


A Clint Eastwood creation that is a layer/texture crazy ha. This guy is so original. I have seen this in color and it looks amazing even in black and white. In the Layers August addition he talks about how Paul Rand( you know the guy who created UPS identity even thou they scraped it for a so called "Fresher!?" identity mark that sucks) inspired him to mix illustration and texture functionalities.

Creepy Creepo!!! She's so pretty in a necrophiliac morbidity type thing. Peep the detail in  her hair style. It's to die for. giggle*